Dan + Emma.
I haven't known them for every long. But man are they awesome.
And when they asked me to be the guy to capture their day I was pretty stoked. I was reminded at their wedding by a guest that what I do, the things I capture and the moments that are able to be relived through my lens is a pretty special thing. I mean I know what I do has a lot of weight to it but sometimes it's nice to be reminded of also how crazy it is that I am able to be present for some of the most intimate, special, joy filled and crazy hours of someone's life! 
I was so glad I was able to be a part of those moments for these guys.

The morning was nice and relaxed. The girls managed hair and make up with no stress and even had time to look after the little tackers running around before hopping in the cars for a short trip down to the church. Dan's face said it all as Emma walked down the aisle and before long it was done! The happy couple strolled out surrounded by family and friends and into the hot spring day waiting for them.

At this point we started the adventure. With no real idea about where we would end up for photos we did some driving and came across a pretty awesome field which Emma volunteered to cross in her dress! Under the spring sun we shared the field with kangaroos and shot confetti out of malfunctioning confetti cannons.
After a while of these shenanigans we made our way to the reception venue, all ready for an awesome night of laughter and dancing. 

Dan and Emma. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your amazing day!