Adventure is out there.

Lately I have been challenged to keep exploring, to get out there and just enjoy creation. Its so easy now to sit down in front of Netflix or Facebook and waste hours and hours. Trust me I am just as guilty of doing this but its just not that satisfying.

I get to the end of a couple of episodes on Netflix and feel disappointed that I just managed to waste several hours sitting on my bum.

So I have decided to try get out and about. Spontaneous trips in the Subaru with Rach and with mates or even just jumping on the bike for a pedal.
There is so much out there and so much beauty to be discovered that we can so easily ignore or pass by while spending time on our screens. I challenge you to get out this week. Go to your favourite look out, for a bush walk or just take the time to take in a sunset. 
It'll be worth it. Trust me.